Thursday, September 19, 2013

9/21/2013: Learn about Becker Elementary's Green Classroom & Volunteer Opportunities

The cool weather is coming (really!) and everyone is going to want to start preparing for our best gardening season in Central Texas. What a better way to share your enthusiasm, then to come hear about the volunteer opportunities at Becker's enchanting Green Classroom?

Join us next Saturday, September 21st for an orientation to the space and the program beginning at 9 a.m. It's okay to just show-up if you'd like to learn more about it before you commit.

Every class at Becker Elementary has the opportunity to garden each week in the unique space across from the school known as "the green classroom" that is dedicated to growing vegetables, herbs, fruit, flowers, compost and other plants.

You can share your expertise or learn about gardening with the students while lending a hand alongside a veteran volunteer. Garden leaders work together to plan and lead a 30-45 minute weekly session with the same class of children throughout an entire school year. An orientation session, monthly emails with project ideas, and a resource library are available to help volunteers plan projects. Examples of themes range from preparing soil and planting seeds to transplanting, harvesting and preparing fresh food while relevant scientific concepts are integrated along the way (e.g., germination, photosynthesis, soil composition).

This project offers community members the chance to dedicate a small amount of time each week to helping children delight in the wonders of what rich organic soil can produce. Inspire young children through hands on learning, support Becker’s dedicated staff, and dig in the dirt with other amazing volunteers.

If your schedule does not allow for a weekly commitment, you can still volunteer in other ways.

To learn more about Becker's Green Classroom and it's diverse volunteer opportunities, contact Kathy McWhorter at or 512-478-9478 (

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