How does AISD go green?

Did you know...
·       AISD ranks as the number one school district in the nation for total amount of renewable energy purchased?
·       Eleven AISD schools have solar arrays and currently participate in the State Energy Conservation Office’s Innovative Energy Demonstration Program?
·       2004 and 2008 Bond Programs new schools, classroom additions, and major renovations have achieved at least a two-star rating through the Austin Energy Green Building Program?
·       The Service Center implemented a Green Housekeeping Program?
·       The District has the largest commercial mower fleet in the state powered by liquid propane gas?
·       The 2009 Efficiency Study rated AISD’s energy management as a best practice in aggressive energy use reduction, sustainable schools and environmentally-friendly maintenance?
·       AISD participates as a partner in the CLEAN AIR Force of Central Texas?
·       The District created an Environmental Stewardship Envisioning Committee to coordinate AISD’s environmental stewardship efforts at all levels?
·       AISD has retrofitted all its facilities with low usage lighting?
·       The District has a no-idling policy for school vehicles?
·       AISD’s fleet fueling policy requires fueling in early morning or late afternoon to reduce emissions from fumes?
·       The Transportation Department uses a sophisticated computer program, to determine the most effective and efficient bus routes?
·       AISD is the proud owner of the only plug-in hybrid bus in Texas?
·       The average age of AISD school buses is 5.3 years and 360 of the 501 are low-emissionschool buses?
·       135 of the school buses are equipped with a GPS system to ensure the most efficient route is being followed by the driver?
·       New purchases of all dishwashers, electric steamers, refrigeration and hot food holding cabinets carry an ENERGY STAR rating?
·       The Department of Technology migrated 203 servers from stand alone hardware to a virtualized environment saving almost one million kWhrs annually?
·       The Department of Technology migrated all teachers from desktops to more efficient notebook computers?

Did you know that we can do more?
·      Walk or bike instead of drive.
·      Reuse and recycle paper.
·      Turn off the lights when you leave a room.
·      Use energy saving light bulbs.
·      Don’t leave the water running when you brush your teeth or wash your hands.
·      Turn off entertainment devices when not in use.
·      Unplug your chargers, video games and appliances.
·      Use a “smart” power strip that listens for when a main unit, like a TV, is turned off and then turns off other electronics.
·      Buy ENERGY STAR appliances that use between 15% to 50% less energy than regular appliances.
·      Get the junk out of your trunk and properly inflate your tires.
·      Change the air-conditioner filters regularly.
·      Buy local. The average food travels 1,500 miles. Buying local ensures you get fresher, healthier food, while lowering your costs, and reducing the impacts from transportation.
·      Turn the AC down a few degrees in the winter and up a few degrees in the summer.

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