Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Due 10/5/2012: $500 Grant Proposal (brief) for pond install/remodel on an AISD campus

The Austin Pond Society has $500 to give away to one or more AISD campuses interested in installing or remodeling a pond on their campus.  For help writing proposals, you can contact Juliana Tran at

Submit proposals electronically to:
Award Amount: $500
There is possibility of more than 1 school being awarded this money.

APS is looking for a very brief proposal, less than 1 page. Your proposal should include:

School Name:
Grade and Age range of students that will use pond
Project Description:
Why does your school need a pond / remodel?
How will the pond benefit students/how will it be used
What are the short term and long term goals of the pond?
Who will maintain the pond over the years ( how will the pond be sustained)?

Space providing, you may also include information on the proposed site, usage by teachers and students, and photos.

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