Tuesday, February 18, 2014

CALL FOR SPEAKERS: International Re-Use Conference and Expo in Austin (Oct. 23-25, 2014)

forwarded from the ReUseConex website (see website for more details):

Call For Speakers (abstracts due 4/4/2014):

ReuseConex will serve as a platform for research, best practices, and policy analysis on reuse. We invite the reuse community (including reuse-based practitioners, advocates, researchers, engineers, designers, academicians, students, regulators, and policymakers) to participate. ReuseConex is a collaborative setting that includes engaging presentations as well as social events to provide opportunities for networking and further discussion.

To be considered as a presenter for this event, you will need to submit an online application (coming soon!) – some of the suggested presentation categories are provided below. For details on relevant abstract subjects and timing, see below.

We invite abstracts in all areas related to reuse, including:

Adaptive Reuse, Building Materials Reuse, Deconstruction & Salvage
Behavior Change (changing our relationships with “stuff”)
Collaborative Consumption/Sharing Economy (access vs. ownership)
Community Activism and Reuse
Connection between Reuse and Climate Change (GHG mitigation, & Energy Conservation, Waste Characterization Studies)
Cooperative Marketing Campaigns
Corporate Reuse Programs
Creative Reuse, Upcycling & Repurposing (connecting reclaimed materials with the artistic community)
Cross-Cultural Reuse (How do other cultures engage in reuse?)
Designing for Reuse (Durables, Refurbishing & Remanufacturing)
Economics of Reuse & Workforce Development
Incorporating Reuse into municipal Zero Waste Plans
Industrial Reuse (managing high-volume industrial materials)
Low-flying heroes of reuse (small-volume, high-economic impact reuse)
Making Events Green with Reusables
Reuse and waste management policy, regulation & planning
Reuse in Environmental Education
Reuse Sector best practices
School/University Reuse Programs
Technology & Reuse (How can we use technology to encourage reuse through virtual exchanges, reuse center databases, DIY idea sharing/crowd sourcing, etc.)

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