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Due 7/10/2013: proposal to present at Oct. 5 AISD environmental conference


Austin Independent School District
2013 Environmental Stewardship Conference

October 5, 2013
11:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Small Middle School, 4801 Monterey Oaks Blvd.
Austin, Texas

Proposal Requirements

Applications must be submitted by July 10, 2013 by 5:00 PM CST.

The Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee (ESAC) conference is designed to educate and raise awareness of sustainability and environmental stewardship within the AISD community. The program will include a key note speaker and lectures/panel discussions. The audience consists primarily of community members with an interest in this content area, high school students, teachers and AISD staff.

The ESAC Conference Planning Committee is currently accepting proposals for presenters for all sessions. Sessions will be 55 minutes in duration, including questions and answers.

Please submit your proposal following the guidelines below. All submittals will be reviewed by a committee and a final selection will be made and announced by August 12, 2013.

We are looking for dynamic presentations that inform the community about proven practices, push the leading edge of environmental sustainability, and motivate the pursuit of excellence enhancing the experience, education and knowledge of those attending the conference.

Conference Focus

Presentation proposals must be submitted under one of the five themes that characterize the focus of this year’s conference.The areas are:
  • Energy Conservation and Resources
  • Sustainable Schools Grounds/ Water Conservation
  • Campus Green Teams / Schools
  • Resource Recovery
  • Sustainable Transportation
How to Submit a Proposal
Proposals must be submitted online.

Faxed or mailed proposals will not be accepted.

You may find it helpful to download the presenter submission form and use it to draft your proposal. Then save the form on your computer, and transfer the information to the online submission system.

When your proposal is successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation message.

Presenters will be announced on August 12, 2013.

Selected presenters must submit final presentation, activities and materials via flash drive on or before September 1, 2013.

Reviewers will consider the following questions when evaluating proposals; please consider them carefully as you write your descriptions.

  • Provide enough detail for reviewers to fully understand your plans.
  • Does the presentation inform about proven practices, push the leading edge, and motivate the pursuit of excellence in the area of environmental sustainability?
  • Does the proposal adequately explain what will occur in the session?
  • How engaging is the presentation likely to be?
  • How well does this proposal deliver positive, solution-oriented outcomes supported by research and/or program evaluation?
  • How well suited is the proposed presentation to the preferred session format?
  • How well does this presentation fit the category description?

If you are unable to present, you must notify us in writing by August 20, 2013.

Note: This is a reduced paper conference. AISD will not provide hard copies of any presenter's materials at the conference; however upon request, we will make your abstract, speaker biography, and presentation available electronically if we receive your authorization in this application.

Selection Process

The review committee may shorten a presentation, increase and/or reduce the number of presenters, select alternate presenters from among those proposed, and/or combine the submitted presentation with other proposed presentations, at its sole discretion. All presenters will be contacted independently to confirm their submittal. AISD reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal. A three tiered review process will be used to review all submitted and complete proposals.

Round 1: Volunteers review and rate all proposals on a quantitative scale.

Round 2: Topic experts review proposals that scored highest in the first round and make recommendations for proposals that should move on to the third round.

Round 3: Final selection.

Selection Timeline

Call for Proposals opens June 10, 2013 CST

All proposals must be submitted by 5:00 pm CST July 10, 2013.

Presenter notifications sent via email August 12, 2013.

Presenter deadline to submit materials is on September 1, 2013.

Selection Criteria

Selections will be based on the following criteria:
  • Extent to which the presentation provides useful information or research pertaining to the category for which it has been submittee
  • Relevance to K-12 education
  • Extent to which aspects of your approach, concept, or technology application are sustainable and replicable.
  • How cutting-edge is your information?
  • How unique is it and/or noteworthy?
  • Lessons learned that the audience will take away from the presentation (i.e., the stated learning objectives).
  • Useful, tangible materials the audience can take away from the presentation, such as tools, resources, or samples.
Audience participation / engagement


If you have questions, contact Irene Krill, Project Facilitator, Office of Facilities, Austin Independent School District at

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