Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Statesman wants to hear about YOUR garden!

reposted from the Sustainable Food Center newsletter:

Gardens are popping up all over Central Texas and not just in residential backyards.

We’re starting a new feature for the gardening pages of the newspaper where we highlight gardens collectively tended by a group of people in neighborhoods, schools, churches and the like.

There’s something special that happens when people get together to transform an overlooked patch of grass into a certified wildlife habitat or vegetable garden, like the one Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders in South Austin, above. And, now that the city has made it easier for people to start and maintain community gardens, we’ll likely see even more of them around town.

We are asking people to send a photo or two of the garden, preferably highlighting the people who work in it, to along with the answers to these three questions: Who is tending the gardens and why? What kinds of plants do you grow? What’s the best piece of gardening advice you would give others trying to grow either edible or non-edible plants in Central Texas?

Please keep answers to 300 words or less and let us know where the garden is located. We’ll be running the photos and responses in the paper as a regularly occurring feature in the Saturday edition of the Statesman.

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