Thursday, May 3, 2012

America's Home Energy Challenge is for PTA or teachers

Big cash prizes were recently awarded to schools across the nation whose 3rd-8th graders participated in the first ever America's Home Energy Challenge. Look for more details about the next Home Energy Challenge in August at

Bryker Woods Elementary, the only school in Austin to compete, is one of 3 teams nationwide to win $500 as a Runner Up. The national and regional winners were awarded $5,000-$10,000!

While most schools that participated in this challenge made the challenge a part of the school day and worked in the classroom. The Bryker Woods PTA-organized team of eight 3rd through 6th graders volunteered their time at home and after school to learn more about:
  • how their home uses energy and where that energy comes from
  • why it's important for the planet that we cut back on our use of energy, and
  • ways their families could reduce their energy use
Some families were successful in reducing their energy bills in October-December, compared to the same time period last year! 

If you are interested in Bryker Woods' experience participating in the challenge and what it entailed, email Amy.

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