Saturday, March 3, 2012

Summer Environmental Training for High School Students

reposted information from The Keystone Center:

Youth Policy Summit is a program of The Keystone Center, a nonprofit based in Keystone, Colorado. The Keystone Center's mission is to solve our society's most challenging environmental, energy, and public health problems by bringing together today's public, private and civic sector leaders to confront these issues and arming the next generation with the 21st Century intellectual skills required to effectively approach the questions they will face.

The Youth Policy Summit ( takes groups of students to analyze a tough public policy problem, like water scarcity, climate change or childhood nutrition. Students are taught to analyze the different facets of the problem, including the political, social, economic and technological, as well as different stakeholder views from industry, advocacy groups and government regulators. Students are provided with mediation and negotiation training.

Students meet with adults from these different stakeholder groups, and then assume the roles of these players as they work to find consensus-based recommendations. They take their suggestions back to their communities and to local legislators. Students will live, work and sleep on campus, interacting with professors and getting a real glimpse of college life.

All students who are interested are encouraged to apply to YPS, regardless of financial means. The Keystone Center fund raises a great deal to provide meaningful scholarships to YPS participants. Scholarships are need-based, and students can apply by filling out a YPS Scholarship Application along with their general YPS application. Scholarship funds are available for program fees only- please contact a Program Manager if you have concerns about travel costs.

The diversity of our students is incredibly important to us, and we want this opportunity to be available to everyone who is interested. If your financial records do not demonstrate a serious need but fail to tell your story, there is a section on the Scholarship Application for you to explain your family's specific circumstances in detail.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about scholarship opportunities, including tuition and scholarship funds. Please be aware that funds are limited, and we encourage you to apply early.

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